There are a number of factors that play important role in deciding the quality of a school uniform shoe.

School children do not generally walk,they always try to run and jump.They fight and play with them.Their feet  are tender and grow continuously at the rate of one to two sizes every year.Therefore school shoes should be accommodative strong,comfortable,flexible and durable.School shoes should be designed carefully taking all these factors in view.Besides,understanding of the general foot problems and the reasons should be well known for devising such footwear.

We,at Amulya have designed and developed school shoes with thorough understanding of the foot anatomy,Gait and its underlying principles along with the basic functions of a school shoe.A senior leather technologist heads the production department.Well trained work force and experienced technical staff endeavour to produce quality shoes using high quality raw materials.Quality of shoes is tested at randum from each batch.Our shoes carry our guaranty along with our sincere and prompt after sales service.Our production capacity runs into more than a hundred thousand pairs every month in single shift,so we can handle bulk orders without any risk of failures in delivery as per schedules.

Amulya school uniform shoes are perfect in shape, size and fitting.They are elegant,durable,light in weight,very flexible and ranks first in providing safety and comfort to the pretty tender feet of our beloved school children.

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