Amulya devised medical footwear taking into consideration the general challenges faced by both diabetic and ortho feet. Decades of hard work is involved in developing these footwear. Eminent doctors including those from NIMS kindly rendered help and advice in the beginning. Different designs and materials were tried. Based on the feedback from the patients who tried our footwear and on doctors valuable advice several changes were made before standardising and perfecting the footwear. We are successful in providing proper footwear solutions for flat foot, bunions, corns, calusses, plantar fasciitis, warts, retro calcaneal bursitis, ulcers, amputated foot and many other disorders.

Wherever our general and preventive footwear do not suit due to specific problems, we provide custom made footwear by thoroughly inspecting the foot. We take maximum care about the production of medical footwear and use only selected high quality raw materials. Designing and production are carried out under the valuable advice and guidance of Dr.T.Vijender Rao,M.S Ortho, who himself is an eminent and senior Orthopaedic practitioner and proprietor of the organisation. The CEO of the organisation M.Venkateswara Rao is a very senior graduate in leather technology, with almost 40 years of experience in footwear, with special emphasis on medical footwear, under whose guidance and control, the production is carried out.

We, therefore, confidently assure that Amulya medical footwear are preventive, functional, therapeutic, comfortable, elegant, light in weight and stand apart in providing stability and security to the ailing feet. We supply medical footwear in bulk and as per the specific requirement of our clients. We also develop special designs in accordance with the buyer’s requirements.

Individual patients can approach us for speciality custom made footwear.

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Medical footwear constitute a special class of footwear that is aimed  at a particular foot disorder which is either existing or suspected to occur in the near future, based on the existing foot condition.Keeping in view, the type of difficuilty faced,medical footwear should be designed specially.Although the design and material used are most important ,skills and understanding of the properties required  play a significant role in making such footwear.



The after effects of uncontrolled diabetes are quite painful and dreadful. It may also turn out to be fatal.Diabetic neuropathy is the most common disease.

Although diabetic neuropathy refers to a group of nerve disorders,feet and legs are the most commonly affected areas. In diabetics skin becomes tender and susceptible to diseases and injuries. Therefore diabetics should be especially careful about their feet and legs. Proper foot care plays the most important role in saving the diabetic foot. Normal footwear are generally hard and consist of a number of negative factors like irregular heel heights, metal parts and seams touching the body and tight fit. These factors cause sores and blisters which are difficult to cure.Threfore it is necessary to devise a special class of footwear addressing the present and future foot problems generally faced by the diabetics.


Human foot is a marvellous structure consisting of bones, tendons, ligaments, joints, muscles etc. Its dynamic architectural wonder enable us to stand, walk, run and perform a number of other acts. However we face many foot problems due to various reasons.

1.Arch defects-High arch or flat foot.

2.Varus and valgus-Fore foot problems

3.Unequal leg lengths-one leg taller/shorter than the other.


5.Atheletes foot


7.Plantar fasciitis

8.Corns and calusses

9.Retro calcaneal bursitis

10.Hammer toe

These disorders generally occur by birth, through diseases, indisciplined life styles and accidents. Defective footwear also play a vital role in causing damages to the foot. Therefore there is need to devise proper footwear to meet the challenges.


Diabetic footwear

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Ortho footwear

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