Hazards exist at every work place and in many forms.Work practices,administrative controls and engineering systems are the most  common methods of control.Yet they cannot be constrewed as complete and total.In case of any lapses proper protective equipment comes handy and avoid risks.

It is identified that, Shipping,warehousing,mining,packing,moving,masonry,assem bling,gardening,carpentry,welding,freight handling and driving are the jobs and mechanics,elecericians,crators,machine operators,labourers and industrial and agricultural workers are the occupations that demand the use of personal protective equipment.Foot protection is considered to be the most essential in all such areas of operations where there is a lurking danger.

We at Amulya manufacture an array of safety shoes to meet the varying demands of the industry. Our production unit is equipped with most efficient machinery and equipment,experienced work force,qualified technical staff and modern moulds. Best quality raw materials are always used in the process without any compromises. The result is, high quality of safety shoes that are produced under the strict supervision and control of a senior leather technologist who is welversed with various aspects of the industry for the past few decades

Amulya safety shoes are made of genuine buffalo printed upper leathers in specified thicknesses and colours. Synthtic non allergitic foam backed linings are generally used for comfort(cambrella). Leather linngs are used on customer’s demand. Steel toe caps of 200 joules of impact resistance are particularly embedded in uppers for toe protection. Single/double density Polyurethane soles are directly injected on to lasted uppers.The soles are optionally oil- acid-alkali resistant,electrical shock proof,antistatic or heat resistant. Different soling compounds are used to ensure the suitability of soles for the respective work areas.They always confirm to specified IS/customer’s specifications.

Amulya safety shoes are elegant, durable,skid proof, light weight and ranks first in providing safety and comfort while strictly adhering to IS/DIN/customer specifications.
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