Easy way to find out your kid’s size

In order to find out your kid’s shoe size, you should first know your foot length. To find out foot length, place the foot on a bare surface and measure the distance in inches from the top of the toe to the end of the heel. The chart given here on the right indicates the size corresponding to the foot length of your child.

Most children will have one foot that is longer or wider, so it is important to measure both the feet. Take higher value for determining the size. Don’t buy over-sized shoes. Broad feet and fatty foot may need bigger or wider shoes which may have to be ordered specifically.

We, at Amulya offer a variety of quality school shoes that look good and fit well for all ages.

We have on our range 3 varieties of shoes

Premier (Boys and Girls): Leather uppers, leather or non-woven linings

Supreme (Boys and Girls): Rexene uppers and skin-fit linings.

Canvas Shoes (Unisex): Drill cloth laminated with canvas cloth and EVA sheet.


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